Rev. Dr. Cecil Ferrell

was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to the late Rev. T.H. Ferrell, Sr. and Carrie B. Ferrell, the youngest of four children. Presently, Reverend Ferrell is and has been for forty plus years, the full time pastor of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio.

From the Beginning

Reverend Ferrell’s father, the late Reverend T.H. Ferrell, Sr. was the pastor of the Macedonia Baptist Church in Covington, Kentucky, for many years. Reverend T.H. Ferrell, Sr. lived to see almost ninety-three years, and sixty of those years were spent in ministry. Reverend Ferrell’s mother, the late Carrie B. Ferrell, lived to see eighty-seven years, and spent fifty-two of those years by her husband’s side where she remained until he went home to be with the LORD, as she followed some years later.

 Reverend Ferrell was reared in a godly environment, which has impacted his life to where it is today. Influenced by his parents and his grandmother, Emma Jean Gentry, Reverend Ferrell learned early in his life that GOD was everywhere! Whether at home, at school, or at play, he was given a strong consciousness of the very presence of GOD. How fortunate he was, to be born during such a wonderful period of time. Reverend Ferrell is a member of a most blessed family of children. His brother Rev. T.H. Ferrell, Jr., was the late great Pastor of the New Vision Missionary Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, and his sister Mamie is a dedicated woman of GOD involved in viable ministries, his sister, the late Dorothy Baurnet was also a great woman of God. His brother-in-law, the late husband of Mamie, was Michael Harris Sr., Pastor and founder of the New Emmanuel-Mt. Zion Christian Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Reverend Ferrell attended elementary school in Covington, Kentucky. He continued his education in Cincinnati where he attended Samuel Ach Junior High School in Avondale and Withrow High School where he received his High school Diploma. He later attended the University of Cincinnati Evening College and Continuing Education where he pursued a degree in Transportation Management. It was at that time that GOD began to reveal to Reverend Ferrell a different purpose for his life. As a renowned Gospel Singer he shared his gift of singing everywhere as he sang with the singing group A The Gospel Larks.

After strong efforts to cancel GOD’s plan for his life failed, Reverend Ferrell surrendered and announced his calling into the Gospel Preaching Ministry in May 1978. It was shortly thereafter that he was called to the pastorate at the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, 301 Dorchester Street, in May 1979. On June 4, 1979, he preached his first sermon as pastor entitled, We’ve Got Something to Shout About. It has been by the grace of GOD that Pastor Cecil Ferrell continues to this day to be the Pastor of this great beacon for our LORD, the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church now located at 2365 Compton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pastor Ferrell has earned a BA, BTH, and MA of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry at Temple Bible College, Cincinnati, Ohio.  In addition to his formal education he continuously attend Seminars, Preacher-Teacher Workshops and Pastor Conferences throughout the United States. Pastor Ferrell believes in feeding the mind with God’s Word.


Pastor Ferrell is the loving husband to his beautiful wife of forty years, Valerie. Together, they are the proud parents of four children Kimberly, Shannon, Eboni and Aaron. They enjoy their grandchildren and great grandchildren who affectionately calls him “Big Daddy.”

Pastor Ferrell is a devoted servant who is known for his determined pursuit of God and his passion as a student of God’s Word. He continually seeks out every opportunity for personal growth and development for the perfecting of the ministry God has given him, and intends to be a perpetual student He remains fervent, steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in the work of the Lord.  Last but not least, he wants you to know that if anybody ask you who I am, just tell them, I’m a child of God.